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We believe that getting away from a gym enviornment and into one of London's outdoor spaces produces better results in the short term and will more likely produce long term changes to your lifestyle that will ensure a permanent improvement in your health, fitness and overall well-being.

So if you are looking for personal training in Wimbledon, Battersea, Clapham or Wandsworth and want an experienced personal trainer who will work with you to establish, clarify and meet your fitness goals why not give us a call.

One-to-one Personal Training in South West London
(from Chelsea to Clapham to Wimbledon)

Intouch Fitness
An Intouch Fitness personal trainer will guide you through a tailored programme to ensure you achieve your health and fitness goals. Each one of our trainers is a ‘people person’, committed to building a relationship and rapport with you to ensure your training sessions deliver the best results.
Intouch Fitness
We also understand that your fitness training doesn’t happen in isolation from the rest of your life. As such, not only will we provide you with a safe and effective exercise programme but will also advise you on diet and lifestyle to ensure optimum health.
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One-to-one personal training sessions are available on an ad hoc basis or in packs of three or ten sessions.

Outdoors Personal Training in South West London

Intouch Fitness
Why Outdoors?
- Its more enjoyable to exercise outside and South West London has fantastic parks and commons perfect for personal training
- Exercising outside is more effective for both burning off those unwanted calories and strength building
- Exercising outside has been shown to reduce stress levels
Intouch Fitness
Can we give you a proper workout without gym equipment?
Simple answer - yes. In fact these days if you see personal training carried out in a gym most of the time the equipment is not being used but the training is carried out in the mat area and uses body weight as the main route to fitness.
Intouch Fitness

Benefits of avoiding too much equipment
1. Its harder to injure yourself when working out using your own body weight as the tool
2. Most exercising without equipment works on core strength as well as specific muscle groups

3. Of course you also get the benefit of being outside