Training Locations and Times
Battersea Park


Battersea Park Small Group Personal Training
When are the sessions?
Battersea Park Small Group Personal Training sessions are early in the morning, during the day, evenings and weekends.

Are they offered all year round?
Monday 19 March 2012 will be when we kick off with sessions for this year. Sessions will continue all the way through until the end of September. At that point, if you don't mind the cold and dark, we're happy to offer sessions. The Park is well lit and doing exercise sessions in slightly less pleasant conditions will make you feel extra virtuous! However, we can offer you plenty of other options, such as training with you at your home, if you find being outside during the winter months offputting.

Where exactly do we meet in the Park for the sessions?
We meet outside the entrance to the athletics track. The Park has loads to offer meaning we can provide you with a challenging and varied workout session.

Who will I train with?
We will guarantee you can train in a group of four with your friend or friends if you'd like to. Otherwise, we match you with up to three other people, doing all we can to align you with people of comparable fitness levels and exercise targets. In a perfect world, we try and keep you in your groups so you go on a journey altogether to reach your goals - we find this really helps renew your enthusiasm when it is waning, and helps to push you to what you really can achieve. We regularly review everyone’s progress in line with your individual and shared goals.

Can I change groups?
We're happy to be as flexible as we can be. Our aim is to ensure you achieve your health and fitness goals so will do all we can to make sure you do.
How do I get started?
We will have a consultation with you over the phone to discuss your current health (present and past injuries), your aims and any specific goals, your timescales for results, how much time you want to commit to and when.
We will also talk to you about how much you want to spend over a period of time so we can ensure you maximise your budget.

Just email us with a contact number and we will be in touch. 020 8286 6529

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