Wimbledon Common Small Group Schedule

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Our Fitness Contract with You
Whether you are joining one of our ever growing number of very popular SMALL GROUP fitness programmes, having 1 on 1 sessions or joining a BEACH BABE READY seasonal class, you will be asked to agree with us your exercise contract.

No matter how good any personal trainer is, you will not see the results you are looking for unless you can commit over a sustained period of time.

Our IN TOUCH contract is there to
make sure that the time and money you invest with us will bring you tangible results.
Our side of the contract
  • Identify goals and timescales
  • Commit to providing you with personal attention
  • Be flexible with changes to your training with us
  • Push you to get the most out of your time with us
  • Vary the exercises so there is always something new
  • Teach you how to improve your technique
  • give you better ways to exercie on your own
Your Side of the Contract

  • Agree to our goals and commit to the timescales