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Wimbledon Common


Wimbledon Common Small Group Personal Training
When are the sessions?
Before work / during the day / after work

Are they all year?
In 2012 we will be starting the first sessions on Monday 19 March and they will run until the end of September. From September until March we alter our approach to accommodate the changing daylight hours and the temperature change. This doesn't mean we won't be offering training though! If you would like to continue training outdoors, despite the dark and cold, of course we will offer it. However, if that doesn't suit you, there are plenty of other options, such as training with you from home.

Where exactly do they take place?
We meet at one of two locations in order to maintain some variety and get the most out of the Common. Either near Wimbledon village or by the Windmill. There is normally plenty of free parking very close by at both locations. We use the features of the Common - slopes, trees and benches - to enable us to give you a full and varied workout.

Who will I train with?
First choice is your choice. If you want to train with a friend then that is guaranteed. Then we will aim to put groups of four clients together who have similar fitness levels and are aiming for similar goals and timescales for results. We aim to ensure the group stays together for a series of sessions that make up one of our programmes. Then we review everyone’s progress.

Can I change groups?
Yes – if we can manage the groups and times to accommodate you. We are highly flexible in our approach and our focus is always on you and your needs.

How do I get started?

We will have a consultation with you over the phone to discuss your current health (present and past injuries), your aims and any specific goals, your timescales for results, how much time you want to commit to and when.
We will also talk to you about how much you want to spend over a period of time so we can ensure you maximise your budget.

Just email us with a contact number and we will be in touch.


Most commonly asked questions...

Why choose small group personal training?

The main reason is the balance between cost and results. If you want to try and get fit then simply putting on a pair of good trainers and doing a brisk walk for 30 – 45 minutes each day will certainly improve your fitness. If you then include a few gradients as well that will be even better. Its also free. But this may not give you the full workout and results you are looking for.
At the other end of the price range is taking a gym membership, going to the gym four times a week with two of these sessions with a personal trainer. This will certainly show you great results but at around £100 per week how long will you do this for before needing to re-mortgage your home!

Then there are boot camps and exercise classes. These are lower cost but are also usually at fixed times and don’t necessarily focus on achieving the results you are looking for.

So, combine the benefits of having focussed training from a personal trainer and the reduced cost of sharing this trainer with three other, similar, clients and you have an option that is affordable (say £20 - £25 per week) and will give you results. The cost means you can ensure this is a long term change and the small group means you will have a varied programme that maintains your interest and motivation.

Why choose outdoors personal training?

The question here is why would you choose to exercise indoors? If you have just spent eight hours in an office with an hour commuting then some fresh air has to be better than some gym air!

The main appeal though, is being able to enjoy fitness training outdoors - and you have to remember that South West London has some of the best parks and Commons of any city in the world – so why not use them!

Getting fit
, with people like you, who prefer to train outdoors rather than being in a gym (an often intimidating and boring environment) is a really fun way to achieve the fitness levels you set - and achieve - with the help and encouragement of both your personal trainer and the other group members.

Why choose Intouch small group personal training?

Our rapidly growing numbers of members really enjoy the non-intimidating, friendly and very supportive way we offer exercise. They get the benefits of a small group and a personal fitness trainer to keep them focused. They are motivated and exercise safely with the added benefit of the social interaction that is so much part the small group philosophy.

We make maintaining your fitness and health easier,
more fun...and you get to enjoy it with other like-minded people.

Small group personal training is a great way of getting and staying fit and healthy. It is achievable over the long-term and a sure way to a longer and more enjoyable life!

If it's outdoors, won't it just be raining all the time? This is England not Spain!

It may be hard to believe but it only rains about one day in three in London and so the chances of it raining during your session are actually pretty low.

It may not be blue skies and glorious sunshine but you might not want 80 degree heat if you are doing one of our exercise sessions!

Climate data for London
Average high °C (°F)7.9
Average low °C (°F)2.4
Precipitation mm (inches)51.9
Avg. precipitation days10.