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Sports Massage
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We provide sports and remedial massage therapy to help you recover from injury, relieve aches and pains and to de-stress.

Whether you’re a sports person or not, you too can experience the benefits from sports massage.

Tired, aching or injured muscles caused by poor posture, sitting for long periods, DIY or even gardening can be treated with techniques such as:

 - Deep tissue massage
 - Remedial massage
 - Trigger point therapy
 - Muscle energy techniques
 - Stretching

And some of the problems we can help you with are:

 - Overuse injuries
 - Postural complaints
 - ‘Too much too soon’ injuries
 - Neck, shoulder and back pain
 - Hip, knee and ankle pain
 - Nerve complaints
 - Specific sports-related injuries e.g. tendonitis, plantar fasciitis or shin splints

If you don’t see your specific complaint in this list, it doesn’t mean we can’t help you – just get in touch to tell us all about it.

Read more about what we do and who we’ve helped.

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